Industrial high-gloss polishing hob for PMMA (Acrylic)

This milling machine is for manual polishing of cutted edges from PMMA (Acrylic) plates with a maximum height of 35 mm.
No alignment! Just put the plate on the machine table an pull the plate over the milling head, that's all!

Technical data:

Polishing height: 1 - 15 mm 1 - 35 mm
Machining dimensions: up to ca. 300 x 300 mm up to ca. 500 x 500 mm
Speed: 2000 - 14000 min-1 2000 - 8000 min-1
Polishing disk Ø: 70 mm 100 mm
Milling tool: 1 Diamond soldered
to polishing disk
1 PKD- and 1 Diamond insert
clamped in polishing disk
Tool change: polishing disk exchange exchange of respective inserts
Input-/Output Power: max. 600 Watts / 180 Watts max. 1000 Watts / 310 Watts
Control process: full wave control full wave control
Special characteristics: precision drive precision spindle + motor
Overload protection: thermal, electrical thermal, electrical
Restarting protection: yes / Relay yes / Relay
Drive: flat belt on spindle flat belt on precision spindle
Noise level: 70/78 dB(A) idling/polishing 72/78 dB(A) idling/polishing
Dimensions (WxDxH): 660 x 390 x 140 mm 740 x 535 x 230 mm
Weight: ca. 15 kg ca. 30 kg

Polishing hob for PMMA (acrylic glass) cuttings.
Diamond tools for polishing other plastics, copper
and brass can be supplied on request.

Area of application:
Lab, workshop, production. Should only be used in a dry environment.

Polishing disks with soldered diamond

Pivot table for deburring and bevelling

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