Specimen Production with
DIADISC 42OOR, 5200R, 6200R

You can produce almost any rectangular specimen geometry with this machine with a maximum of 30 mm thickness

Specimen in conformity with DIN, ISO ASTM, factory standards or special dimensions made of

  • plastic pipes

  • plastic plates

  • reinforced composite plastic materials

  • elastomers and

  • thermoplastic and duroplastic synthetic material, etc.

The highly precise arrangement of the DIADISC specimen cutting path guarantees you perfect cuts.

The high concentricity of the drive elements and using special saw blades means that hardly any burring occurs. The cutting quality attains values of RZ 4-6: that's smoother than fine milling. In other words, it is no longer necessary to do reworking on the cut surface in many cases. This saves you valuable working time.

The benefits for producing specimen: Precise, smooth and low-bur cut that is much better than prescribed by standards.

Special saw blades and V and U groove milling cutters available as accessories.

Cut straight specimen with high precision   Saw V grooves into the specimen in conformity with standard (A, B and C) or in-house standards at a defined angle.

The cutting / grooving machines are availible in different sizes:
DIADISC 42OOR :   max. cutting heigth 14 mm, for laboratory work
DIADISC 52OOR :   max. cutting heigth 25 mm, for continuous applications
DIADISC 62OOR :   max. cutting heigth 35 mm, for continuous applications

Separating saw   DIADISC 42OOR   with CUTJET-Option
(similar to DIADISC 52OOR + 6200R)

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