Precision separating and notching saw
for producing specimen

Technical data:

Machine: DIADISC 42OO R
Cutting height: 0 - 14 mm, cont. variable
Speed: 2000 - 14000 min-1
Tool: Ø 63 mm
Motor output: 200 Watts / ED=50%
Control process: full wave control
Special characteristics: torque cutoff
Overload protection: thermal, electrical
Restarting protection: yes / relay
Drive: double V-belt
Dimensions: ¹) 475 x 576 mm
Weight: ca. 15.5 kg

¹) Machine dimensions when fitted with maximum size table top

Separating saw for lab cutting of plastics, non-ferrous metals, steel, glass, ceramic as well as producing specimen by making V- and U-notches.

Area of application:
Lab, workshop, production. Should only be used in a dry environment.

HSS and solid hard metal saw blades, diamond cutting disks, profiled cutters for producing specimen.


for Specimen production:

- CUTJET specimen sawing fixture
- CUTJET option notching fixture
- VHM profiled cutters
- Adjustment tool for notch depth
- cutting disks/Saw blades
- Table tops (only sliding table possible)

other options:

- Parallel stops
- Feed appliances
- Spray mist atomizer
- Tooljet quick-change system
- Extraction units
- Machine cabinet

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