Cut edges of plates and small PMMA (acrylic) parts can be polished to a high gloss in seconds with manual feed on the DIAPLAIN 62OO / 63OO polishing machines. This involves no setup or clamping delays etc.!

For example, 50 PMMA plates 100 x 100 mm can be polished in the same time needed on a large polishing machine with feed-controlled milling head for setup, clamping and turning 4 times through 90 degrees.

A lot of time and money can be saved with the DIAPLAIN polishing machine, despite manual operation. And operation is simple and quick - Switch on machine - lay PMMA part on table top - and pull through!

Examples of application:

Service in plastics
The client orders cut plates and receives the desired goods with DIAPLAIN polished outer edges are short time later.

Exhibition and prototype construction
The DIAPLAIN can be used "on site", thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight.

Cost-saving during production
Production in a PMMA facility entails a possibility being found to polish the cut edges of small parts with continually changing dimensions rationally. The machine sought for this purpose should be small, value for money and easy to operate. The DIAPLAIN fulfills all these conditions!

Manufacture of customized parts
The DIAPLAIN saves about 90 % of labour costs involved in the manufacture of showcases and models from PMMA when compared with hand polishing. It also achieves brilliant polishing results.

Polishing process

Movie download (3MB)

Overview of polishing machines:


Industrial high-gloss polishing hob for PMMA (acrylic)


Industrial high-gloss polishing hob for PMMA (acrylic)

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