Diaboard LZ1
  Professional prototyping program for PCB's

Drilling + isolation milling

The new version (Win95/98/NT) saves time, because all bores, milled cavities and dividing channels are machined with one tool type.

Program for rational prototyping of PCB's

This has the following advantages:
- Minimum storage of tools
- No change cycles
- Operation without waiting periods

The software calculates contour paths and bores for single and double sided PCB's in formats such as EXCELLON, SIEB+MEYER and GERBER/Postscript data.

With the new KOMBITOOL drilling/milling tools the smallest bores on the PCB are drilled with 0.6, 0.7 or 0.8 mm.
The remaining larger bores are milled out in the form of a helical spiral (controlled automatically by the program).
The final machining operation is the clearing of the contour paths which are machined WITHOUT TOOL CHANGE, using the same KOMBITOOL drilling/milling tool.

The contour data resolution is not in linear form or pixels, but in real circles and arcs and, as such, milled to a high quality.
Both the GERBER/Postscript data and the transformed contour are illustrated graphically.