Industrial CNC drilling, milling and engraving machine

DIASTAR 33OO / 34OO are CNC controlled drilling, engraving and milling machines designed for laboratory and service industry applications. They are designed for continuous daily operation and can be expanded, thanks to their modular construction (i.e. no fear of obscolesence).

DIASTAR machines are suitable for the following maching procedures:
  • Drilling PCB's (individual and stacked)
  • Milling PCB's (isolation milling, panel cutting etc.)
  • Milling aluminium parts, e.g. front plates (other metals, such as steel etc., can be machined in several working steps)
  • Milling and drilling aluminium and plastic housings
    (plug knockouts, cut-outs on displays, etc.)
  • Engraving steel, aluminium and plastic parts
    (project stage in connection with CAD/CAM)
  • Milling 3D moulds (deep-drawn and injection moulded mould construction)
  • Accurate and rational production of DIN test samples
    (e.g. shoulder rods and samples with predetermined breaking points)
  • Optical measuring tasks with Z lasers or colour camera with digital crosshairs (options)

Special characteristics:
  • Universal machining possibilities for parts up to max. 200 and/or 400 mm in height (optional) with additional height adjustability of the entire X carraige (Z coarse)
  • Tool changer with tool fracture detector (optional)
  • Program processing in "dry" operational mode (contour inspection)

Technical data:

Travel: X: 495 mm    Y: 295 mm
Z: 0-100 mm (Standard)  0-200 mm (Option 1)  0-400 mm (Option 2)
Table format: 580 x 340 mm (optional up to 2000 x 2000 mm)
Feed: max. 16 m / min.
spindle pitch 4 mm
max. 20 m / min.
spindle pitch 5 mm
Drill stroke: ca. 300 / min.
Accuracy 2): Class 1 ± 20 µm Class 0 ± 10 µm
Drive: DC servomotor 0.3 Nm
at 4000 min-1
AC servomotor 0.5 Nm
at 5000 min-1
Spindle motor: 900 Watts consumption, 5000 - 60000 min-1
Dimensions: Height: 850-1250 mm    Wide: 1100 mm    Depth: 820 mm
Weight: Machine: ca. 130 kg, Control unit ca. 35 kg
Connection value: 230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A

1) Operation only in dry areas with even temperature permitted.
2) At 20°C room temperature

The entire guide mechanism is a solid steel construction with hardened prism guide rails for the X and Z axes and double guides on ground steel shafts with 4 rotary ball bushings for the Y axis (table).

3D control, external PC, EdiTasc real-time control with Windows (guided interrupt). Data can be accepted easily (e.g. from Corel Draw) and outputted immediately as a traversing command. Running-on is accomplished directly from the PC to the ultimate steps without an interface card. Serial support of the most important DIN 66025 commands, HPGL input and teach-in.

3D control, internal industrial PC. Programming in accordance with evaluation and known DIN 66025 or ISO 6983 norms, parameter programming. Simultaneous interpolar operation of a max. of 8 axes.

3D control, linear, circular and helix interpolation, up to 8 axes simultaneously. Programming in accordance with DIN 66025 and parameter programming. High path and position accuracy due to quick cyclic time.

Accessories / Options:
- SF spindle 0,9 kW
- Z coarse height adjustment, mechanical or electrical
- Tool changer, fixed or pivoting station
- Clamping systems
- Drilling, milling and engraving tools
- Software options
- Extraction unit
- Machine cabinet

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